Kunsthaus Graz

Branding, Wayfinding, Print Design, Digital Design


The Challenge

Kunsthaus Graz is an exhibition centre in Graz, Austria, that combines international contemporary art with regional and local themes. Their exhibition program is particularly different from other museums given that it doesn’t hold a permanent collection, making every time you visit a new experience. The challenge was the complete lack of a brand identity beyond the architecture of their building. This issue made this memorable museum an undiscovered gem internationally and just a cool building for their locals.

The Solution

With this rebranding campaign Kunsthaus Graz solidified their new brand identity in and out of their building. The flexibility of the brand applications is proof of Kunsthaus Graz's ongoing mission of providing their visitor with an unexpected and changing experience every visit. This positioned Kunsthaus Graz in the global map, as a destination for travel and as a pioneer institution for contemporary art. It also created a cultural space in the community acting as a catalyst of change and economic progress in the underprivileged side of the city.

Crafting a Brand Identity From Dichotomies

Kunsthaus Graz is a perfect example of “the monstrous architectural object.” Its blobby, futuristic, organic shape juxtaposes the structured, historic, geometric shapes of the buildings around it. The building itself has come to be known as the “Friendly Alien.”