Potato Chips

Branding, Packaging, Illustration, Animation
Source Photography by Unsplash & Pexels


The Challenge

Zapp’s is a potato chip company based in Louisiana whose cooking process gives their kettle‐style potato chips a louder crunch, a heartier potato taste, and embodies the flavors, sights, and sounds of New Orleans. To better reflect their core distinctive characteristics, Zapp’s had to rethink the way they were communicating with their lively audience. This included reviving their dated packaging, and embodying their entertaining spirit in order to better represent who they are while keeping their cultural background part of their identity.

The Solution

Zapp’s was repositioned as a brand that feels free spirited, funky, and celebratory. Focused on the cultural heritage of New Orleans and their unique flavors, Zapp’s said yes to celebrate yourself and live in the moment. Through vibrant colors, exciting illustrations, a loud visual identity, and carefree voice of the packaging, Zapp’s established a new standard:
they bring the party everywhere they go.

A Loud Visual Identity

After in-depth research about New Orleans’ lively culture, I created a playful, custom-drawn wordmark. The looseness in the way the letterforms are drawn convey the free-spirited nature of the brand, while the weight of the letterforms create a sense of boldness. The wordmark is always tilted to emphasize high energy and dynamism.


Inspired by the handrawn signs you can see in every corner of New Orleans, the wordmark pays homage to the authenticity of this quirky city. 

Drawing Inspiration From Tradition

Mardi Gras has been celebrated in New Orleans since Louisiana was founded on March 3, 1699, and the party hasn’t stopped since. Masks were first worn during Mardi Gras so wearers could escape society and class constraints. When wearing a mask, carnival goers were free to mingle with whoever they desired keeping their reputation untarnished. 

Packaging With a Flare of Cajun

Today, wearing masks and costumes during Mardi Gras is tradition, alongside the grand balls and dozens of parades happening every year. Paying homage to the cultural and historic traditions of this city, the packaging system draws inpiration from parade floats, costumes, masks, cajun food, and the spirit of celebration. 

Process Sketches


Entertaining Illustrations

Knowing that the packaging needed to be unique and stand out from the crowded market, the illustration style references the complex nature of the parade costumes in a funky way. The strategy was to create characters that embody particular flavors and different personalities.

Carefree Audience

The goal with the packaging was to provide the target audience with a product that they identify themselves with. Embracing their wild side, Zapp’s provides a space for spontaneity and self-expression nomatter when or where. 

“Mardi Gras costumes are meant to be comical.”

–Wayne Phillips
Louisiana State Museum Curator


Packaging Extensions

Zapp’s introduced their new dipping sauces with the goal of broadening their line of products. Providing customers with a tastier experience, the dipping sauces are easy to carry, perfect for the on the go lifestyle of the audience. In the process, three new energetic characters joined the party.